Road Bike

It makes a great Cake Topper for birthdays and any other occasion.

Mountain Bike

It makes a great Cake Topper for birthdays and any other occasion.


Triathlon Bike


Oz Wire Art Weddings specializes in unique Custom Wire Wedding Cake Toppers. Your wedding day is very special and you want to have the most memorable wedding cake possible.

Road Bike Wedding Cake Toppers

Mountain Bike Wedding Cake Toppers

LGBT Wedding Cake Toppers


Christmas Shopping For Cyclists

You’re making a list, and checking it twice. . .  Christmas is coming and we all know how  difficult it can be to find a cycling related gift for someone who loves to ride. Naughty or Nice Whether that someone on your list has been naughty or nice this past year, they will certainly enjoy receiving an original, handmade gift for Christmas. Oz Wire Art Japan is offering a store-wide 10% discount on all bicycles for a limited time.  You can use Guest Checkout on Etsy for items already listed in the shop. You can do all your gift shopping right now and save on shipping. Only one cost for …

Making a Miniature Triathlon Bike Part 2

A while back I wrote, Making A Miniature Triathlon Bike, a post telling why I designed my miniature triathlon bike.  This second post is in response to requests to see more of the process. Making Wire Bicycles It’s been a beautiful summer here in Kochi and I’ve been making bicycles out on my balcony as often as possible. Today, I’d like to share some insight into the construction of my triathlon bikes. The Basic Materials For A Triathlon Bike I begin with the basic materials, a roll of wire and some PVC tubing. Anodized Aluminum Wire The wire I use is anodized aluminum, specially ordered from a small factory in Japan.  It’s …

Making A Miniature Triathlon Bike

Born Of Respect The miniature triathlon bike at Oz Wire Art was born of respect for the men and women who compete in triathlon and Ironman competitions. Both are incredibly difficult challenges and the contestants have to be willing to work extremely hard to achieve their goals. That level of dedication deserves respect.   Creative Philosophy At Oz Wire Art, I strictly adhere to a creative philosophy of one bike, one wire. That’s my modest challenge, creating a realistic-looking, miniature bicycle from a single strand of wire.   Made In Japan I live in Kochi, Japan, where I hand craft each bicycle frame from a single strand of wire. You …