Making a Miniature Triathlon Bike Part 2

A while back I wrote, Making A Miniature Triathlon Bike, a post telling why I designed my miniature triathlon bike.  This second post is in response to requests to see more of the process.

Making Wire Bicycles

It’s been a beautiful summer here in Kochi and I’ve been making bicycles out on my balcony as often as possible.

Working from my balcony in the summertime.

Today, I’d like to share some insight into the construction of my triathlon bikes.

An all red triathlon bike with black pedals
The Basic Materials For A Triathlon Bike

I begin with the basic materials, a roll of wire and some PVC tubing.

Anodized Aluminum Wire

The wire I use is anodized aluminum, specially ordered from a small factory in Japan.  It’s hard, but not brittle, so it’s easier to work with than other aluminum wires. And because it’s anodized it will never rust or tarnish.

Just the right length of wire for each bike

Next, I cut the length of wire I’ll need to make a triathlon bike. Each style of bicycle requires a different starting length.

triathlon bike
Basic ingredients for making a triathlon bike

Spoiler alert.  It’s taken me a long time to perfect the production methods for my bicycles, so I’m not going to show you a clear, step by step on how I make the bike from start to finish.  But I’ll give you enough to show that it really is made from a single strand of wire.

Front Wheel Of A Triathlon Bike

I make the front wheel and forks first.  I slide a piece of PVC onto the wire before making the wheel.

Triathlon Bike Front Wheel
Front wheel of a triathlon bike
The Back Wheel

Then I move on to the back of the bike, the seat post, rear frame, rear derailleur and the front sprocket.


Triathlon Bike
Triathlon Bike Halfway Completed
The Completed Triathlon Bike

And finally, I finish the bike at the handle bars, the most difficult portion of the triathlon bike to make.



And there you have it, a handmade miniature triathlon bike. From a roll of wire, to a finished piece of art.  From a single strand of wire.

You can order custom color combinations for the wheels, handle bars and pedals on Oz Wire Art.

More photos of my work are available on my Oz Wire Art Facebook page.

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