LGBT Wedding Cake Topper

Oz Wire Art designs and creates wedding cake toppers for your LGBT wedding.
LGBT wedding cake topper, tandem road bike
LGBT Wedding Cake Topper with two brides on a Tandem Road Bike.

With few exceptions,  your wedding day will be among the most important days of your life.

Oz Wire Artでは、LGBTの方向けのワイヤーアート作品を制作しています。

世界では、同性婚が法的に認められている国もたくさんあります。セレモニーは法的に認められていても、いなくてもお二人にとってとても大切なものです。Oz Wire Artでは、Mr, and Mr, Mrs, and Mrsという形でお二人のセレモニーの際やギフトにお使い頂ける作品を販売しています!

The guest list

Everyone will be there, your family, old friends, new friends.  Your cycling friends will also be there,  your other family.  It will be a grand occasion and something you will talk about off and on for the rest of your lives.  You want it to be fun and memorable.

The planning

So here you are, planning your wedding day.  You can picture it all in your mind’s eye, and you want it to be absolutely perfect.

You’ve sorted out the venue, selected a wedding celebrant, and chosen an amazing cake.

Unique Wedding Cake topper

All you need now is a unique cake topper that symbolizes the two most important things in your life, your partner, and cycling.

LGBT Wedding, Road Bike,
LGBT Wedding with two brides on custom made road bikes
Nothing could look better on your cake

Nothing could look better on your wedding cake than a handmade, bicycle wedding cake topper.

Each wedding cake topper set comes with riders of your choice, either Mrs and Mrs or Mr and Mr.

Custom Wedding cake toppers

Since all our wedding cake topper sets are the same price, you can mix and match you style of bicycles with each rider.  So, if one of you wants a mountain bike and the other wants a road bike, we can do that at no extra cost.

You simply click the orange Request Custom Order button, located on the left side of the Etsy page, and let me know what you would like to do.  I’ll get back to you promptly with a reply to your request.

10 years in the making

I’ve been making wire bicycles for about 10 years.  I  made my first wedding cake topper a few years ago when a friend asked me to make a cake topper for his daughter’s wedding.

A truly unique look

We offer cake toppers that will give your wedding cake a truly unique look.

Meticulously handcrafted from a single strand of wire, these cake toppers will last a lifetime and will never rust or tarnish.

They’ll also look great in your living room after the wedding, as a reminder of this happy occasion as you travel through life together.

Handmade wedding gowns and veils

The brides on our wedding cake toppers are wearing handmade, white wedding gowns, with veils that are cut from a genuine wedding veil.

Top hats and tuxedos

Our grooms are dressed in traditional black tuxedos with top hats.

Please check out our bicycles at Oz Wire Art Japan or Oz Wedding Cake Toppers,  for wedding cake toppers on Etsy.

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Please note, for custom orders you will need an Etsy account.

We currently sell only on Etsy, and you can register for free!

We would like to congratulate you both on your upcoming wedding!

Thank you stopping by, and happy shopping!

Christmas Shopping For Cyclists

Road Bike with blue wheels

You’re making a list, and checking it twice. . .  Christmas is coming and we all know how  difficult it can be to find a cycling related gift for someone who loves to ride.

Naughty or Nice

Whether that someone on your list has been naughty or nice this past year, they will certainly enjoy receiving an original, handmade gift for Christmas.

Oz Wire Art Bicycles

Oz Wire Art Japan is offering a store-wide 10% discount on all bicycles for a limited time.  You can use Guest Checkout on Etsy for items already listed in the shop.

You can do all your gift shopping right now and save on shipping.

Only one cost for shipping

Need to get a Christmas gift for one person, and a future birthday gift for another?

Custom handmade gifts for cyclists of all kinds

Do all your gift shopping now for this next year, and save!

There is only one cost for shipping no matter how many bicycles you purchase, as long as they are ordered at the same time in a single order, and going to the same address.

Personalized gifts

You can even order personalized, custom made bicycles at Oz Wire Art Japan.   Just click on the link and then choose the orange Request Custom Order button on the left side of the page.

You do need to sign up for a Free Etsy account in order to make a custom order on Etsy.  It’s easy!

Custom handmade gifts for cyclists of all kinds

Please remember to shop early so your gifts will arrive in time for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

Making a Miniature Triathlon Bike Part 2

Triathlon Bike

A while back I wrote, Making A Miniature Triathlon Bike, a post telling why I designed my miniature triathlon bike.  This second post is in response to requests to see more of the process.

Making Wire Bicycles

It’s been a beautiful summer here in Kochi and I’ve been making bicycles out on my balcony as often as possible.

Working from my balcony in the summertime.

Today, I’d like to share some insight into the construction of my triathlon bikes.

An all red triathlon bike with black pedals
The Basic Materials For A Triathlon Bike

I begin with the basic materials, a roll of wire and some PVC tubing.

Anodized Aluminum Wire

The wire I use is anodized aluminum, specially ordered from a small factory in Japan.  It’s hard, but not brittle, so it’s easier to work with than other aluminum wires. And because it’s anodized it will never rust or tarnish.

Just the right length of wire for each bike

Next, I cut the length of wire I’ll need to make a triathlon bike. Each style of bicycle requires a different starting length.

triathlon bike
Basic ingredients for making a triathlon bike

Spoiler alert.  It’s taken me a long time to perfect the production methods for my bicycles, so I’m not going to show you a clear, step by step on how I make the bike from start to finish.  But I’ll give you enough to show that it really is made from a single strand of wire.

Front Wheel Of A Triathlon Bike

I make the front wheel and forks first.  I slide a piece of PVC onto the wire before making the wheel.

Triathlon Bike Front Wheel
Front wheel of a triathlon bike
The Back Wheel

Then I move on to the back of the bike, the seat post, rear frame, rear derailleur and the front sprocket.


Triathlon Bike
Triathlon Bike Halfway Completed
The Completed Triathlon Bike

And finally, I finish the bike at the handle bars, the most difficult portion of the triathlon bike to make.



And there you have it, a handmade miniature triathlon bike. From a roll of wire, to a finished piece of art.  From a single strand of wire.

You can order custom color combinations for the wheels, handle bars and pedals on Oz Wire Art.

More photos of my work are available on my Oz Wire Art Facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by my site!

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Making A Miniature Triathlon Bike

Born Of Respect/

The miniature triathlon bike at Oz Wire Art was born of respect for the men and women who compete in triathlon and Ironman competitions.

Both are incredibly difficult challenges and the contestants have to be willing to work extremely hard to achieve their goals.

That level of dedication deserves respect.

miniature triathlon bicycles
Miniature triathlon bikes


Creative Philosophy

At Oz Wire Art, I strictly adhere to a creative philosophy of one bike, one wire.

That’s my modest challenge, creating a realistic-looking, miniature bicycle from a single strand of wire.


miniature wire triathlon bike
Red triathlon bike with black pedals
Made In Japan

I live in Kochi, Japan, where I hand craft each bicycle frame from a single strand of wire.

You can trace the entire development of one of my bikes from one handle bar to the other.

Pedals That Can Be Turned By Hand

When finishing a bicycle, I cut off the last 4 inches from the end of the frame wire and then use the piece to make the pedals, which can be turned by hand.

An all black miniature wire triathlon bike
A triathlon bike with a watch  for size comparison
Custom Requests

Most of the custom requests I receive usually involve simple modifications to a bicycle I already have for sale on my website.

Sometimes it’s as simple as using a different color of plastic on the handle bars and pedals.

Other times the modifications requested are for a different color wire to be used for the entire bicycle frame.

But every once in a while I’ll receive a custom request from someone asking me to create something entirely new. Something that I’ve never made before.

My miniature triathlon bike design came from a custom request on Oz Wire Art.

Custom triathlon bike with a rider
Custom triathlon bike with a rider
40 Hours To Design

The main challenge of the the triathlon bike was in the design of the Aero bars.

It took about 40 hours of design-work to come up with a single strand, working production model.

It’s the most difficult wire bicycle design I’ve ever made.

You can find out more about how I make these in my post, Making a Miniature Triathlon Bike Part 2.

Caution : Shameless product promotion below
The Perfect Cycling Gift

Everyone wants to find the perfect gift when it comes to birthdays, weddings and special events.

If you have a friend or family member who rides a triathlon bike, this is the perfect cycling gift.

Handmade miniature triathlon bike with green wheels
Triathlon bike with green wheels
Cake Toppers

These bicycles also make great cake toppers for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

All purchases are sold through our Oz Wire Art Japan and Oz Wedding Cake Toppers stores on Etsy.

Not to worry, it’s still the same shop and products you are looking at on Oz Wire Art .com.

Please see my blog post, Shopping On Etsy.


For custom orders of bicycles please feel free to contact us using the Contact Shop Owner, button on the home page of Oz Wire Art or Oz Wedding Cake Toppers.

Oz Wire Art では、「精巧さ・一本のワイヤーで作り出すこと・手作り」にこだわって作品を制作しています。一本のワイヤーで作品を作り出すことには限界がありますが、それは自分自身へのチャレンジでもあります。




Custom Wedding Cake Topper

Miniature wire bicycles with Scottish groom
Unique and Memorable

Where do you look online for a truly unique and memorable custom wedding cake topper? Try Oz Wire Art Japan , and Oz Wedding Cake Toppers, located on Etsy, the worlds largest online handcrafted and vintage market. Etsy is free to join!

Detailed Bicycles

Oz Wire Art Weddings features highly detailed wire bicycles with riders, dressed as brides and grooms. The grooms are wearing black tuxedos and top hats while the brides are dressed in handmade, white wedding dresses, with veils made from real wedding veil material.

Made By Hand

These wedding cake toppers are made by hand in Kochi, Japan from a single strand of anodized aluminum wire.  They will last a lifetime will never rust or tarnish.

Our wedding cake topper set consists of two standard bicycles, with your choice of traditional or LGBT couple on the bikes.

Custom Made

In this particular case, however, a couple from the America requested a custom-made, tandem bicycle, with the date of their wedding on the inside of the front wheel.

Bride and groom riding a miniature tandem bike
Custom Made Tandem Wedding Cake Topper

When requesting a name or date in the wheel area, it’s best to order a bicycle without plastic on the wheels, like the one in the photo.

Another custom request for a couple crossing the finish line.

Bride and groom on road bikes with arms raised as winners
Bride and groom crossing the finish line on road bikes

Here’s a custom cake topper that went to Scotland!

Miniature wire bicycles with Scottish groom
Scottish Wedding

Our bicycles also make unique anniversary gifts!

All purchases are sold through our Oz Wire Art and Oz Wire Art Weddings stores on Etsy. Not to worry, it’s still the same shop and products you are looking at on Oz Wire Art .com.

Please see my blog post, Shopping On Etsy.

Request Custom Orders

For custom orders of bicycles please feel free to contact us using the orange Request Custom Order, button on the home page of Oz Wire Art Japan or Oz Wedding Cake Toppers.

Shopping On Etsy

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cycling gifts and Birthday cake toppers

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cycling Wedding cake toppers

If you are looking for a truly unique, handmade wedding cake topper, click on Oz Wedding Cake Toppers.

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now easier than ever

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guest checkout

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Story of Oz Wire Art

My name is Nicholas and I have been interested in working with wire since my first viewing of a wire sculpture at the home of a friend.

I have always enjoyed working with my hands and I especially love the challenges presented in creating a piece of art from a single strand of wire.

Unluckily in 2011, I experienced a stroke that left me with functional limitations of both strength and endurance.  Afterward, wire sculpture formed a major portion of my rehabilitation.

It took almost a year of steady work to finally be able to produce a finished bicycle again.

In 2016 I relocated to the island of Shikoku, Japan, where I live with my wife of 14 years.

I have since renamed my shop on Etsy from Oz Wire Art, to Oz Wire Art Japan.

On a cultural note, the “Oz” in Oz Wire Art derives its spelling from the Australian tendency to shorten names. Aussies often shorten of the name of Australia to Aus, yet with the pronunciation as if it’s spelled Oz.

So as you can see: Australia = Aus = Oz = Oz Wire Art Japan.

Thank you for visiting my shop and sharing my vision.