Custom Wedding Cake Topper

Unique and Memorable

Where do you look online for a truly unique and memorable custom wedding cake topper? Try Oz Wire Art Japan , and Oz Wedding Cake Toppers, located on Etsy, the worlds largest online handcrafted and vintage market. Etsy is free to join!

Detailed Bicycles

Oz Wire Art Weddings features highly detailed wire bicycles with riders, dressed as brides and grooms. The grooms are wearing black tuxedos and top hats while the brides are dressed in handmade, white wedding dresses, with veils made from real wedding veil material.

Made By Hand

These wedding cake toppers are made by hand in Kochi, Japan from a single strand of anodized aluminum wire.  They will last a lifetime will never rust or tarnish.

Our wedding cake topper set consists of two standard bicycles, with your choice of traditional or LGBT couple on the bikes.

Custom Made

In this particular case, however, a couple from the America requested a custom-made, tandem bicycle, with the date of their wedding on the inside of the front wheel.

Bride and groom riding a miniature tandem bike
Custom Made Tandem Wedding Cake Topper

When requesting a name or date in the wheel area, it’s best to order a bicycle without plastic on the wheels, like the one in the photo.

Another custom request for a couple crossing the finish line.

Bride and groom on road bikes with arms raised as winners
Bride and groom crossing the finish line on road bikes

Here’s a custom cake topper that went to Scotland!

Miniature wire bicycles with Scottish groom
Scottish Wedding

Our bicycles also make unique anniversary gifts!

All purchases are sold through our Oz Wire Art and Oz Wire Art Weddings stores on Etsy. Not to worry, it’s still the same shop and products you are looking at on Oz Wire Art .com.

Please see my blog post, Shopping On Etsy.

Request Custom Orders

For custom orders of bicycles please feel free to contact us using the orange Request Custom Order, button on the home page of Oz Wire Art Japan or Oz Wedding Cake Toppers.

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  1. Hi, can you tell me how much it would cost for a bride and groom on tandem bike wire topper?

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