Making A Miniature Triathlon Bike

Born Of Respect/

The miniature triathlon bike at Oz Wire Art was born of respect for the men and women who compete in triathlon and Ironman competitions.

Both are incredibly difficult challenges and the contestants have to be willing to work extremely hard to achieve their goals.

That level of dedication deserves respect.

miniature triathlon bicycles
Miniature triathlon bikes
Creative Philosophy

At Oz Wire Art, I strictly adhere to a creative philosophy of one bike, one wire.

That’s my modest challenge, creating a realistic-looking, miniature bicycle from a single strand of wire.

miniature wire triathlon bike
Red triathlon bike with black pedals
Made In Japan

I live in Kochi, Japan, where I hand craft each bicycle frame from a single strand of wire.

You can trace the entire development of one of my bikes from one handle bar to the other.

Pedals That Can Be Turned By Hand

When finishing a bicycle, I cut off the last 4 inches from the end of the frame wire and then use the piece to make the pedals, which can be turned by hand.

An all black miniature wire triathlon bike
A triathlon bike with a watch  for size comparison
Custom Requests

Most of the custom requests I receive usually involve simple modifications to a bicycle I already have for sale on my website.

Sometimes it’s as simple as using a different color of plastic on the handle bars and pedals.

Other times the modifications requested are for a different color wire to be used for the entire bicycle frame.

But every once in a while I’ll receive a custom request from someone asking me to create something entirely new. Something that I’ve never made before.

My miniature triathlon bike design came from a custom request on Oz Wire Art.

Custom triathlon bike with a rider
Custom triathlon bike with a rider
40 Hours To Design

The main challenge of the the triathlon bike was in the design of the Aero bars.

It took about 40 hours of design-work to come up with a single strand, working production model.

It’s the most difficult wire bicycle design I’ve ever made.

You can find out more about how I make these in my post, Making a Miniature Triathlon Bike Part 2.

Caution : Shameless product promotion below
The Perfect Cycling Gift

Everyone wants to find the perfect gift when it comes to birthdays, weddings and special events.

If you have a friend or family member who rides a triathlon bike, this is the perfect cycling gift.

Handmade miniature triathlon bike with green wheels
Triathlon bike with green wheels
Cake Toppers

These bicycles also make great cake toppers for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

All purchases are sold through our Oz Wire Art Japan and Oz Wedding Cake Toppers stores on Etsy.

Not to worry, it’s still the same shop and products you are looking at on Oz Wire Art .com.

Please see my blog post, Shopping On Etsy.


For custom orders of bicycles please feel free to contact us using the Contact Shop Owner, button on the home page of Oz Wire Art or Oz Wedding Cake Toppers.


Oz Wire Art では、「精巧さ・一本のワイヤーで作り出すこと・手作り」にこだわって作品を制作しています。一本のワイヤーで作品を作り出すことには限界がありますが、それは自分自身へのチャレンジでもあります。